Acts Without Consequences (2015) - Action, Thriller, Drama 

In The Black Dragon, the first part of Acts Without consequences, we meet Janny Cadwell; the daughter of an influential arms dealer who has the future planned, next to his father in his company The Black Dragon. However, the Joneses, three brothers and two cousins ​​who move to the city, frequent the club where Janny spends some weekends, and realizing the environment in which they live, they make an arrangement with Ronnie, the father of Janny, and he accepts that they take it with them, with the condition of sending it to him when he requires it.

Janny is forbidden to tell them what she does when she visits her father's company, and reaches adolescence with her heart and mind divided into two worlds: the loving and disciplined world of the Joneses, and the destructive world of her father.

In the first part of the saga, Janny discovers that her biological brother is alive, and faces challenges that prove his identity, and to make a big decision, he must face the most important question of all, to which the two worlds does she really belong?



In Uncovering Secrets, the second part of Actos without Consequences, Janny stays away from the life she once had, secretly missing the action and adrenaline, to the side of her boyfriend, Logan Pierce, whom she met working for her father.

When someone from the past returns to Janny's life, she becomes embroiled in treachery, threats and stormy memories. In this return of Janny, must discover who is the author of these facts.


In Behind The Rainbow, the third and final part of Acts Without Consequences, Janny makes a bad decision that makes her realize that the Black Dragon is not really dead, causing a series of painful conflicts to those she loves the most. Janny must resort to her old personality to finally close that chapter in her life.


I created Janny (sounds like Jenny) when I was 9. That's when I began writing her story- well, it was only written in dialogues. She appeared in a weird time of my life and stayed through my toughest times. 

Janny was everything I wanted to be. She was confident, smart, and no matter how hard her circumstances were, she was always strong enough and brave enough to face them, bottom line, she was a badass. 

Her days were a mix of the movies I loved, (which is why I wrote it in English) and circumstances created in my head from emotions I was feeling back then, and it was never meant to be read by anyone but me.  

I never stopped writing about her, but the story changed throughout the years. And by the time I chose to write it properly and share it, it wasn't a dark story anymore, but an inspirational one.

I wrote this in 2015. I had a full-time job and I wrote these books at night. I had an amazing time writing them, and that's when I knew I wanted to be a writer. 

Weird fact: Ronnie (her father) was originally a vampire. (Not a "Twilight" vampire, but an "Interview with the vampire" vampire). 

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F. Carod

International writer & Life Coach