(2018) Steampunk - Old West - Action, Drama
Young Ellie’s innocence is taken from her when she witnesses the murder of her parents and baby sister. Ellie swears to find the five culprits and destroy each one of them. She’s willing to sacrifice everything for the sole purpose of retribution. 

The only person Ellie shares her plan with is Oliver, the owner of the new tavern where Ellie, her sister and brothers play music each week.


The name of their band, Dark Rebirth, reflects the checkered history of Diamond Town where they live. 

The setting is Wild West meets steampunk, which provides a unique background to Ellie’s cruel journey, from which there can be no return.


This story was originally one of Janny's adventures (Acts Without Consequences).

It began with a chasing scene inspired by a song from El Mago de Oz "Satania". Like The Spiritual R-Evolution, that scene was edited. 

Fact: I cried when I wrote this book. 

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F. Carod

International writer & Life Coach