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The Spiritual R-Evolution (2016) - Fantasy

Would you be willing to sacrifice everything for a promise?


After the disappearance of her cousins, the only clue that Mia has of their whereabouts is a vagabond that lines between madness and cynicism, who claims to be able to take her to where her cousins are: The Sacred Island.


Mia and Leo, her skeptical friend, embark on a trip to an island that defies the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, where Mia is forced to face the secrets of her past.


Nothing could have prepared them for what they found on the island: the chaos of mankind has endangered the kingdom of the elementals, so Mia has to make decisions that will take her to people, beings, and places never seen before, in an attempt of saving the planet from its destruction.


The first scene I wrote was inspired by the song Radioactive (Imagine Dragons). Funny thing, I had to edit that scene.

My favorite part is when they go around the world trying to elevate the vibration and put up signs trying to make people smile. I would love to start that kind of movement. 

Austin Macauley is currently editing this book, but stay tuned, it will come out on 2021! 

F. Carod

International writer & Life Coach